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De-cluttering and Simplifying Your Life

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De-cluttering and Simplifying Your Life

Table of Contents

De-cluttering and Simplifying Your Life
Table of Contents
The Concept of Relative Poverty
The Value We Put on Material Goods
Best Reasons for De-cluttering
Free Time...
Accumulation of things...
Systematic Clearing
Financial Gain through Collections and Estate Sales
What to Throw Away, What to Keep, What to Donate, What to Sell?
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Believe it or not, the psychological aspect of having too many material possessions is one of the main reasons why so many people subconsciously feel tense, jittery and an overpowering sense of being hemmed in with lots and lots of stuff around them.

You may not feel it, but go into a room, where you have lots of things. What is your subconscious feeling? “Get me out of here. What am I doing in all this clutter.”

If you have that conscious and subconscious feeling with this one instant, just think of that effect it has, when taken long-term where you are living in a room full of clutter and lots and lots of things piled on every available surface.

With so many things available to us today, we like to add to our material possessions...just because we can. That also means more things to keep clean and dust free, and also to store away in the drawers and cupboards!

The great thinkers, philosophers and wise men of ancient times knew all about the value of simplicity, with not many material possessions. If you lived in the spot of 2000 years ago, you would be very glad with just one piece of cloth to cover you, some tools for agricultural farming, one spear and one shield to protect your family and yourself and that is that. And they were the most powerful lean, mean fighting machines in the world of that time, because their focus was on learning how to become a warrior, and not filling up their lives with needless clutter.

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