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Bachelor Father

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This is a BWWM Romance
Tanis Burton hates dating with a passion. She has too many things to contend with without the added pressure of dealing with men who only want one thing, a place to lay their head, and it’s not necessarily in a bed.
Tanis is worried about paying rent and keeping her apartment, and keeping her job, but all that becomes less of a worry when she loses both. She will be homeless soon if she doesn’t find a position that pays well.
Janson Bain is a bachelor father and self-employed. He’s looking for a companion as well as an Au Pair for his young son. Someone that is willing to live in and give up their free time to be a nanny to his child. And someone to fill his empty heart and empty hours of the day.
Will desperation bring these two together? Or are they just two different to find common ground?

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