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I Will Always Love You Book 3

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Tasha James is frantic because she unknowingly let Liam’s twin brother make love to her. It was unconventional lovemaking. Liam’s twin Sean said to Tasha, “I just want to taste you.” That was all he wanted for now. But that was before she discovered he wasn’t Liam and he lied to her.
All Liam wanted was to see Tasha again and ask her to come back to Ireland with him. But when he found her in Sean’s apartment after his thirteen hour flight, he turned around got on a plane and flew home never thinking and wanting to see Tasha again.
Will Tasha get an opportunity to explain to Liam what happened in New York and convince him that she will never love anyone but him? Will Liam believe her and take her back after his heart has been unquestionably broken?
This is the final book in this serial.

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