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Haunted Tales of Terror: Startling Hauntings, Apparitions, and Contact From the Other Side

80 pages53 minutes


Where would you go if you wanted to see a ghost? Most people might think about a spooky old abandoned house. Or a graveyard. Or a lonely forest. Those are certainly the kind of places we traditionally associate with ghosts, but in this book you’ll read about real-life hauntings that have happened in some very surprising and very different locations...
You’ll read here about a bustling, modern, international airport where there are so many ghosts that the airport authorities have been forced to take drastic action to try and keep them away from passengers. You’ll also find out about a railway station which is so haunted that staff refuse to work after dark and even busy roads where ghosts have not only been seen, they have even been blamed for causing fatal accidents!
If that isn’t enough, there are also hotels and bars where visitors include both the living and the dead and even the tale of a haunted wartime German U-boat.
Prepare to have your ideas of where to find ghosts challenged as we explore some of the most unlikely and surprising haunted places on the planet...

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