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The Battered Suitcase December 2008

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December 2008 Issue of Arts and Literary Journal The Battered Suitcase; intelligent and imaginative prose, poetry and art that explores the human Lexperience. Edited by Fawn Neun, Maggie Ward, and Apythia Morges
Fiction by Barbra Annino, Joel Willans, E.J. Knapp, Kerry Hudson, Tracy Pitocchelli, C.A. Masterson, Mimi Rosen, Claire Trevien, Ann Tinkham, Michelle Panik, Kathryn Magendie
Lyrics by Ingrid Andrew
Non-Fiction by Karen Vanuska
Poetry by Miriam Nash, Ron Hayes, Davide Trame, Tera Wilson, Howie Good, Abigail Beaudelle, Ry Kincaid and Emma Sovich
Photo Art by Andrew To and Jason Ball

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