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The Ruined Castle

158 pages2 hours


When his parents must suddenly leave the country, 12-year-old Roger is exiled to spend the summer with his great-uncle Zephram, a man he has never even met. Zephram is a creaky old man who lives in a creaky old house miles from anywhere, both of them cloaked in mystery.

What Roger discovers there carries him much further than he ever imagined possible. He is launched into another world where monsters are real, and they are gearing up for war.

With a pair of newfound friends, a werefox and an apprentice ranger, Roger finds himself running for his life. The trio rush to spread the word of the impending invasion with danger constantly snapping at their heels. But when dark visions begin to intrude on his dreams, Roger realizes there is something he needs to find, lost hundreds of years earlier, before he has any hope of ever going home.

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