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Nightmare Inc. the Pool

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It was a hot day, and both John and Beth wanted to go to the pool. As both mom and dad had to go to work, that left only the grandparents. When the grandparents picked them up, John, said. "I'll be first in the pool." "Of course," said Beth. "You have your swimming pants on already, I have to change." John, as soon as he could jumped in the pool. Beth, grandma, and grandpa were all looking at him when he put his arms up, and tried to hold on to the water. Then John was gone from the pool. Letting his breath out, John put his head above the water. He looked around, he was in a forest. The water was much colder, and a small person was looking at him. What are you doing in my spring? he asked. I jumped in to nanny's pool, how did I finish up here? John had a great argument with this elf that called himself the master of the forest. Well sir, if you are the master of the forest, I'm sure you know how to send me pack. I suppose I have to do that. But, I have to use a wind chair. sit still in the chair, and do not touch anything while you travel with the chair. John was moved to another elf, and this elf said that only the one that had conjured him away from the pool could send you back. This elf was very helpful, and told John to think of the pool. Then he gave John a statue of himself, and send him back to Nanny's pool. When John returned to the pool, Beth, grandpa, and grandma stood there looking. Where were you, said Beth. and John had to explain about his adventure.

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