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Peron&Evita: Love Letters.

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Peron&Evita: Love Letters.
The extraordinary story of Maria Eva Duarte de Perón, whose intense 33-year life became a universal myth.

The career of Maria Eva Duarte de Perón is one of the most extraordinary stories ever told.

This work, based on apocryphal correspondence, casts light on the subjective experience of the protagonists of one of the most intense love stories Argentina has ever known.

Evita's death is most likely due to her refusal to accept medical treatment of any kind. Her catchphrase was “Doctors are for people who have nothing to do, not for me. Treatment is for oligarchs, for those who don't work.
Can't you see that they want to invent illnesses in order to sabotage my administration?” exemplifies what the Greeks called “hubris” -the illness of power-, the essential ingredient for any tragedy.

Evita's 33-year life has become a universal myth. This dramatic work of fiction spans the following stages of Evita's incredible life:

Her birth as a natural daughter in the second family of a rancher in the Province of Buenos Aires.

Her trip to Buenos Aires at the age of fifteen and her lonely time in the big city.

Eking out an existence as a courtesan and theater and radio actress.

Birth and adoption of her daughter

Marriage to Colonel Perón.

The President's wife and first lady of the Nation.

Her trip to Europe.

Eva is transformed into Evita during her work with the Foundation.

Illness, operations, lies and death.

Embalmment of Evita's body.

Disappearance and return of the embalmed body.

Post mortem complaints about decisions made by the widower during his third administration.

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