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No Future in Your Mobbing (A Few Sci-Fi & Crime Stories)

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In "The Alternative Gunman", former markswoman, Julia, is held captive in a hotel room awaiting further instructions. Instructions that if not followed could bring harm to her entire family. Further details make it difficult for Julia to make her choice. Will she save her family? Or will she take out the target? Two complete strangers get stuck in an elevator in one of Chicago's most popular hotel's. On a dark, rainy night, Tony and Lisa will discover their meeting was not by chance in "Blue Encounter". Set in the far future, "Divine Liberty" is based in a world destroyed by pollution. We experience the dystopian future through two different points of view, David, Mayor of the Baraz colony and Charles, an innocent man sentenced to life in prison. On March 18, 1990, multiple famous paintings were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. "The Blunders of Rembrandt" give an account of how the thieves might have gotten away with the perfect heist.

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