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Unknown Elves

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Hidden away in an ordinary Virginia forest, the elf colony of Hollydale thrives. Unseen by humans in the neighboring village, hundreds of small beings live long lives honoring the land and their ancient traditions. Their dwellings are underground, and their needs are simple.
By nature, elves are curious and good-hearted. Friendships and family ties are strong. After they reach adulthood, they tend to be homebodies. A few venture into the village where the humans live, but most know nothing of life outside their colony.
Then one day something extraordinary happens, and the elves’ view of Hollydale and the world beyond is forever changed. Unanswered questions about this strange event haunt the elves. It is not in their nature to let go of an unsolved mystery, nor is it in their nature to fail to honor promises made, no matter what the cost. Adventurous elves go in search of answers.
In Hollydale, children are cherished. Young elves, taught by their parents and others in the colony, are encouraged to enjoy life. They love soaring on the backs of birds, splashing in the creek, climbing trees, and exploring the forest and surrounding areas. This marvelous part of their lives passes all too quickly. Young elves must think about an important decision that lies ahead: selecting their life’s work.
After a hundred summers, when they stand about as tall as daffodils, elves are considered adults and begin to choose careers in home constructing, food gathering, garment making, recycling, and other useful fields. Some heroic elves enter the Patrol, a group of trained professionals who protect and serve day by day in countless ways, often encountering adventure and danger, performing many daring rescues.
Members of the colony’s five-elf governing Council are elected for life. When the story begins, Olmenia, a beloved healer, is Leader of the Council. She is known for her wisdom and her love for all of Hollydale.
Unknown Elves is the second book in this series. The reader gets to know an array of unique, interesting characters in The Hollydale Elves and revisits them in Unknown Elves.

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