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Pearl´s Story: The Sisters at War Trilogy, #3

Length: 412 pages6 hours


Pearl. The youngest of the beautiful Beardsley sisters. The girl who was abused by her mother. Hated by her middle sister. Thrown out into the street by her eldest sister. The girl who went from being a servant to a whore to one of the richest women in London.

Pearl´s tale is the reflection of all her sisters lives, as well as her own. The nightmare side of family life; a story of conflict between sisters and between mother and daughter. Pearl´s story starts with the tragedy of death and ends in triumph, in spite of everything that life and her sisters can throw at her. A life where nothing, nothing at all, is ordinary. A life where nothing is quite as it seems.

Cinderella? Pearl's story is like no fairy take you ever read!

Pearl's is a sizzling story of love, life and relationships, that will make your pulses race.

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