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The Benevolent Slayers: The Immortal Legacy, #1

Length: 215 pages3 hours


They are called Benevolent Slayers, though the name no longer holds the honor it once did. Those that take up the mantle travel the lands, defeating monsters and bandits that prey on the few surviving humans left after an ancient war destroyed their world.

Saber is a swordsman with powerful majiks. This sorceress may be tough, but her inner demons make her powers hard to control. She finds herself in debt to another Slayer, Brock the Rock, a man famous for his heroic deeds.

Terrifying and cold, Brock is a loner who has seen too much death to care about humanity anymore. He does the job because killing is all he knows. Though neither is thrilled by the arrangement, they decide to travel together and embark on an adventure that proves both tragic and enlightening.

Can Saber learn to let go of her past before it destroys her? Will she be able to harness the true power she holds within?

Will the mysterious Brock ever let his guard down enough to regain his humanity?

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