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Skylar Saffron, Librarian Detective: Part 3

Length: 61 pages47 minutes


Skylar Saffron's saga continues.

My name is Skylar. I'm a 23-year old digital librarian living in San Francisco. I thought I would be intellectually satisfied working at this cool, historic yet chic, jewel box of a library downtown, and going out with friends, but then something tragic happened, and now I'm learning ethical computer hacking skills and solving crimes.

A note on how I'm telling this story: Along with reading the main action, told in 25 chapters in five parts, you'll be able to read my blog entries at, where I reveal my investigative process. Readers can comment on the chapters and blogs, submit tips on the website, find clues on and follow along and interact on social media via Twitter at @LibrarianDetect.

Cover art by Kim Frohsin

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