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Length: 441 pages5 hours


**Contains Mature Content** Amelia considered herself sophisticated and savvy; she’d raised three sons on her own while working in new product development, internationally. A sudden illness sidelines her and she returns, unexpectedly, to her home town, Attaway, in south Louisiana. The allure of a strong, sexy man who takes her hunting and fishing and introduces her to a new way of life seems intoxicating. In reality, it is toxic.

She is not aware that she is a mark for a nest of borderlines who need another meal ticket, fast. Her fiance’s father is dying. She aids him and shares her own experience of seeing Heaven.

In the meantime, evil and its attendant, bad, surround her. Her purity and grace protect her, like an amulet, and she escapes repeated close brushes with destruction. Amelia, along with her friend, Huelo (undercover FBI task force, unbeknownst to Amelia,) uncover a web of evil deeds by locals who abuse their power and prestige. The University, court house, and a youth detention center harbor VIP’s for a global pedophile and child sex trafficking ring.

The Sheriff, D.A. and a senator tell her to keep her mouth shut, and burn the evidence, unless she wants to be found floating face up in The Little Indian River. “They will kill you,” she is warned, repeatedly.

Instead of following this advice, Amelia retreats to the white isle of Ibiza. She unravels the facade protecting the real culprits, and returns to Attaway in the nick of time, to stop the evil acts, and to save her friend on the night of the Red Mass. A crop duster as deus ex machina and others she has convinced that the evil is real align to ensure that justice prevails, with a twist.

To experience the world Amelia inhabits is terrifying, but her great heart and strong spirit keep her going through one hardship after another, making this a marvelous, mystical and empowering journey we take with her, growing along the way.

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