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Mail Order Brides: Pirate of Her Heart

Length: 91 pages1 hour


Riders From The Storm - The widow of a clergyman heads off to be a mail order bride to a Civil War vet with PTSD. She knows he’s troubled about the war and soon, she is drawn into his terrors; all of which appear to be focused on a tornado.

Helping Her Husband’s Texas Cattle Ranch To Thrive Once Again - Losing both her husband and her business in New York, a widow corresponds with then joins a cattle rancher in Texas, but is surprised at both the number of men surrounding him at the train station, and the apparent state of finances at the ranch. Immediately, she steps in and tries to help but her opinions are shoved aside as a “mere woman” who cannot be expected to be able to offer any real help and advice to a bunch of cowboys.

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