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Diamond of War

Length: 260 pages4 hours


For the first time in the long histories of two families, a night is coming when both will be present with their eyes on the same prize.

On one side is a family who work theft with precision. They have the charisma and charm to create an image ... an illusion. When they're around, something can be there one minute and gone the next, never to be seen again.

On the other side is a family with members who are rash, impatient and violent. They won't pretend to be what they're not and they waste no time on such things as charm.

On one night a clash of methods will result in an explosion and devastation for one family. Out of the horrific result a friendship that has been slowly creeping up on two young people from opposing sides, will reveal much. It's an unlikely friendship that will heighten and flourish. The unthinkable happening will change both parties enough to make it easy for them to finally find common ground.

A new night of intense emotion and sadness combines with new discoveries about the supermarket shooting of the year earlier. How will that impact the new friendship being formed?

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