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Collection 2

Length: 279 pages4 hours


Four Novellas and a short story round out this collection.

Double Jeopardy

Jett Kirtland falls in love with Spring St. John a beautiful woman framed for robbing a Diamond Exchange by her identical twin sister. 
To prove her innocence, Jett must find her twin, who had disappeared many years ago.

Rebel Heart

A month after General Lee surrenders to the north, Lance Kendell, a Yankee, captures a southern Rebel. 
Lance soon discovers that the War Between the States did not end for him.
Harmony Morrison, unaware that the war ended refuses to surrender to a Yankee after he captures her.


Whether it is real or imaginary, Wayne Duncan spends a day in a fantasy no man would ever forget.

Sweet Persuasion

Elizabeth Reiter forced to marry Regan Werner against her will, threatens him on their wedding night with a knife. She imposed an iron control on herself never to consummate their marriage.
Regan, also forced into this marriage is not swayed by her threat and he is also determined, but to charm her into his embrace with sweet persuasion. 

Sweet Revenge

When Burk Van Horn was a child when his father was murdered and his home set ablaze. Barely escaping with his life, not only was his arm scared by flames but his heart burned with hatred and retaliation for the man who killed his father. Cared for by the Brothers of a monastery he grew to manhood with one thought: revenge!
Clora Thornton raised most of her life in a convent, returns home at the request of her ailing father. Her coach is stopped by a group of men in attempt to rob the occupants. Dressed as a nun, she claims she has nothing of value, and that she is the daughter of Lord Thornton. 
When Burk discovers that she is the daughter of that murderer, he decides that she is very valuable to him and he abducts her for ransom. 
He soon discovers that revenge is sweeter than he expected. 

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