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In Bed with the Enemy: Billionaire Bachelorettes of Bel-Air, #1

Length: 157 pages2 hours


When you give in to temptation…

Chrystal King prides herself on being an assertive woman, one who no man can dare try to dominate.  But when her path crosses…quite violently…with the most insufferable man on earth, she is faced with a challenge she’s never had to tackle before – how do you dominate and neutralize a man who makes your heart pick up pace and your breath catch in your throat?  What do you do when that man is your enemy?  It’s a dilemma this warrior woman is not sure she can handle.

Damon Daniels has never met such a cantankerous woman as Chrystal King.  From the first day they meet, it seems like she’s determined to rub him the wrong way.  The problem is, he soon finds out that she has a softer side that he just can’t resist.  He finally gives in to temptation and yields to her womanly charms, but then she turns around and does something that makes him realize he’s made the worst mistake of his life.  And sometimes consorting with the enemy is just not worth it…

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