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Length: 128 pages1 hour


Australian artist Max Aleshire doesn't belong in Boston. The weather's too cold for him, as are the people. With only one friend, ex-girlfriend Stacey, he's become an introverted, socially paranoid recluse. He's convinced the loneliness and mundane routine are there to stay until Stacey dares him to make a friend online. By chance, he meets a handsome stranger: a writer named Cameron, with whom he has a lot in common. Inspired by this former introvert, Max attempts to open up and improve his life. First off, he lets Cameron in, certain that he's a good guy. After only a few days, he's surprised to discover that he might be developing feelings for this stranger—for another man!

Little does Max realize, though, that there's a much darker side to Cameron. If love is blind, then Max might not see the danger he's in until it's too late. If he does, will he care?

A fictional suspense novella by Noëlle McHenry about a lonely young man who finds himself trapped in a dangerous love game.

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