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A Victim's Story

Length: 65 pages1 hour


The victim, Marchana was thinking while stuck in a tube in the Hall of Thousand Voices listening to the others telling stories “Whoever cared to listen!” according to the loudmouth voice named Dalton.
Marchana found Dalton this time was silent and not roaring his annoying voice silencing the complaints of the others stuck in tubes like she and he was.
Marchana wound up thinking to herself “Wonder what I can tell, story wise, to whoever willing to listen of my life?”
“Just tell the story anyway.” She heard into her mind unsure of where the male’s voice came from.
The male’s voice seemed familiar to her like she knew who but wasn’t sure, who the male was. Marchana frowned hearing the male’s voice sounding familiar like a fatherly way to her.
She heard the male voice continue speaking “Marchana Barrow, is that your name or that’s the High Council named you that?”
She spoke in response unsure if she was speaking via mind or via voice “That’s my name I was born with. I don’t have any other names besides that nickname of Chana.”
“Well, Chana.” She heard from the male voice “Enlighten me on how you got trapped into the Hall of Thousand Voices’ tube by the High Council. I’m curious to know your story.”
Marchana frowned but couldn’t see anything via her tube status despite sensing herself forced to see images into her mind. She figured the images into her mind were just some sense of seeing elsewhere despite trapped in a dark prison of watery tube. She heard a chair scrape sound as if someone was sitting down including a typing noise of a laptop computer.
“Enlighten me, Chana.” She heard from the male voice “I’m curious to how you wound up trapped here.”
Marchana frowned as the images into her mind became more blaring to realize they were memories into her mind indicating what’s she should speak story wise. Marchana obeyed to the images into her mind to speak the story.

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