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Let Us Be Ourselves

Length: 32 pages33 minutes


Steph and Karen are good friends who have known each other throughout their lives. During their first year in college they learned even more about each other and discovered that they wanted a deeper friendship than their families might allow. Now home for the summer they wanted to continue to explore their new relationship but roadblocks stood in their way. Steph was from a home in turmoil with her parents going through a divorce and making things very toxic. Karen was from a puritanical home where only one way was allowed- that of her fathers. Both wanted more than they could find in either home.
An ad on an online personal board introduces the girls to Nick, an older gentleman who lived alone and welcomed the company of the college girls. He was willing to open his home and give the girls a place where they could relax. Little did he know the true nature of the girls and what they really liked. His choice to open his door to someone in need was about to pay big dividends.

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