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Nine Ways to Screw Your Lover: 9 Erotica Stories

Length: 110 pages1 hour


There’s more than one way to screw your lover. Identical Twins Payback Sex, Sports Junkies Getting Played, Cheating Lovers Gone Bad, Sexy In-laws Romp in the Sack, Horny Ghosts That Cuckold, Mile High Fun Rebound, Bachelorette Party Fling, Life Insurance Scam and Wedding Night Cuckolds are a Few Ways to Screw Your Lover. 18+ STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT & EXPLICIT SEX.

1. My Husband’s Twin

Jolene wants to see her brother's play. Theo- her husband, wants to go to the Rodeo Finals, he needs to avoid an argument at all cost. What could go wrong with asking his twin brother, Thad, to stand in for him?

2. Score: Playing the Field

Are you sick and tired of being pushed aside during Football season? Does it seem like the only thing you’re good for during those 17 weeks is to bring your man a beer? Are you fed up with empty cans, discarded pizza boxes and a man that won’t give you the time of day? Well ladies, it’s time for you to get some satisfaction and appreciation and that’s exactly what Ally Sampson plans to do. The sexy housewife has had enough of her husband’s blatant disregard for her feelings and knows what to do to turn things around. Find out the secret to her success and why there is truth in the saying that a way to a woman’s heart is through her clitoris. Let’s get ready to SCORE!

3. Sex, Money & Murder: The Perfect Scam

A married couple named Rob & Kim believe they have the perfect idea for a scam. They found a way to make millions of dollars, all it will take is Kim's driving sexuality and an employee of a very rich company.

4. Wedding Night Cuckold

Drake had loved his China girl from afar, but things are about to change for the horny voyeur. After many weeks of window watching as his dream woman pleasured other men, the two would finally meet and then get married. But that doesn’t stop Drake from still wanting to love her from afar, even on their wedding night.

5. A Dysfunctional Thanksgiving

It's that time of the year when the Johnsons gather together for tasty turkey, scrumptious pies, and heaps of arguments dripping with saucy sarcasms. This Thanksgiving, sexy Gabby and her hunky brother in law have found a way to have a little fun of their own and ditch the nit picking. Find out what naughty pleasures await in the room of yarn and needles.

6. A Cuckold Haunting

Todd and Karen have just purchased their dream home- a Queen Anne Victorian. After finding a spirit board while doing renovations, the married couple's curiosity gets the best of them and they decide to have a little fun. The harmless game unleashes a horny ghost that has more than haunting on his dirty mind. The charming spirit has other plans for the sexy wife this Halloween and he wants Todd to watch. Trick or Treat has just gotten naughtier.

7. A Broke-Back Billionaire

Tom Albert has just wed the woman of his dreams. Betty is his down home sweetie pie and a prize catch for the hunky cowboy. He has the perfect surprise for his newlywed and plans to set the wagon wheels in motion after a barbecue at the Flying Pig Ranch. This could be the icing on the wedding cake and a sign of prosperity for the mighty rancher. But will his lovely Betty feel the same excitement?

8. Bachelorette Sex Party: Spring Break Cruise

Get ready for some delightfully raunchy sex when hot to trot Barbie takes her college sorority sisters on a bachelorette cruise. She loses more than just her inhibitions after a game of vodka shooters with a beefcake stud but that doesn't stop the bride-to-be. She is ready for round two when she catches sight of the next piece of eye candy that's more than happy to push it to the limit. Find out what gets the little hottie's motor running and the taboo act that has her begging for more. It is Spring Break after all and girls just wanna have fun especially when you're about to tie the knot and lock it down. It's time to get the party started ladies!!!


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