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The Song of Sano Tarot [Third Edition]

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“Like many another mariner shipwrecked on this shoal of time, I have always been on the lookout for rescuing sails on the metaphysical horizon—that is, for some resolving and revelatory teaching which should make possible the practical realization of one’s spiritual life, the sense of which is no less sure and abiding than the sense of one’s physical ephemerality and impotence. […] Here is glad news for mortals; here are glimpses which should make us less forlorn! This is a book which should be read without prejudice or preconception…”—Claude Bragdon, Introduction

“The keynote of the book is BALANCE, balance of the spiritual and physical natures, and according to the degree of balance attained does the intuition, which is the voice of the spirit, operate clearly.”—Nancy Fullwood, Author’s Introduction to the Third Edition

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