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Antiheroes In Palestine

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A naked Jain holy man is brought back from the ancient past, and a half-discredited Los Angeles Zen monk is transported from the future. They arrive at Joshua's military encampment just before he is to cross the Jordan and conquer the Holy Land. However, since no such destructive invasion, such as the one described in the Book of Joshua, ever historically happened, our myth has it that Joshua is lovingly foiled at every turn, but still ends up quite a celebrity living in the lap of luxury. In this win-win scenario, most everyone, regardless of religion or nationality, comes out human, in spite of some occasionally skulduggery. Of course there are times when things take an ugly turn and some horrific things happen, but overall, the goal of the book, to create an alternative mythology that humanizes everyone concerned, is achieved. But lest any worry that the thing should become too boring, there are enough drug dealers and hookers and bloodthirsty deeds to keep the thing from ever quite being sanitized or politically correct.

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