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The Execution of Priscilla

Length: 220 pages2 hours


Product Manager by day, murderer by night?
What would you do if the one thing in the world you wanted, doesn't seem to want to you? Leslie Alexander is the ultimate go-getter, achieving what most only dream of. She's a college graduate, has a sweet ride, her own place, and to top it off, she works as a Product Manager for Cherri Inc., one of the premier technology companies in the world. She has accomplished all of this at the tender age of 21! She has everything she could ever want, yet, there still seems to be something missing in her life -- love.
Enter Tony Williams. She's introduced to him after a meeting and it is love at first sight -- at least for her. When Leslie realizes that the man she longs for, doesn't share mutual feelings, she sets out get who she can't have -- at all costs and by any means.

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