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Second Chance Autism

Length: 33 pages38 minutes


Travis gets a second chance at forming a relationship with the women of his dreams after finding out of his autism diagnosis. Will he be able to gain enough social supports to be able to form a relationship with April the woman of his dreams or we he fall short again due to his social skills? Travis shares how he learned from his mistakes the first time around and overcame the challenge of autism. After learning of his diagnosis, Travis makes it a goal to master every social skill so that he does not fail at relationships ever again. He is his biggest critic and has the highest social standards for himself. After years of social rejection Travis decides to change his life and is given a second chance with the woman of his dreams. Travis puts in nearly fifty hours per week of social skills coaching with trained coaches to learn how to interact with this woman and ask her on a date. Thankful for a second chance, Travis will ask the woman of his dreams on a date to see if she likes him. Will she say yes the second time around? Let's find out.

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