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Knight of Flame

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Fire. The most chaotic of the primal elements. When wielded properly by the Knight of Flame, it burns like the sun. But when left unchecked, it slowly consumes the Knight, burning away his control, driving him towards dark deeds.

Defending humanity against the forces of Shadow, the Knights Elementalis remain vigilant, guarding against the emergence of the last Gray Lord. Stationed in Tampa, FL, Develor Quinteele, fourteenth Knight of Flame, simmers in anticipation, longing for the coming conflict. Hampered by a centuries-old tragedy, Dev knows of only one way to invoke his elemental power—rage. It broils just below his surface, waiting for the slightest provocation to set it alight.

Anticipating Dev's transition from asset to liability, his commander assigns a young guardian, Wren, to report on Dev's actions. Torn between duty and love, Wren struggles to calm her Knight; but, after a brutal attack by the Gray Lord's minions for which Dev is held responsible, he's stripped of his freedom until he regains control.

Forced to confront a centuries-old tragedy, the Knight of Flame must discover the balance to his fire-stoked rage and the driving source of his power to prevent his Order's ancient enemy from destroying all life in Tampa.

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