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The Last Salute

Length: 293 pages3 hours


All fighter pilots serving in any Air Force in the world MUST READ the chapters entitled "Dangling in the Air" and "Flights to Heaven". Lessons learned from opportune decisions taken by the pilots in these stories might one day help save your life.

The Last Salute is a true compilation of some naughty and thrilling activities surrounding the lives of the young pilots
and the officers of the Pakistan Air Force who served during the period of 1975–1990. The book also chronicles the tales of
several fighter pilots who fatally crashed or safely ejected from their fighter jets when timely, split-second decisions helped save
their lives. Read about a mid-air collision of two mirage aircraft that resulted in loss of both the aircraft and a pilot.

Learn about the crash of C-130 carrying General Zia-ul-Haq, President of Pakistan. Certain facts about his mysterious crash
have never before been revealed to the public.

The last chapter is dedicated to describing activities in the small island of Bahrain and the Bahrain Amiri Air Force (BAAF). All of the stories contained in e Last Salute are original and true as personally known to the author and as confirmed by interviewing various witnesses. Some vital information has been held back without disturbing the crux of the matter. The main characters involved in all anecdotes were personally known to the author.

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