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The Queen of Blood and Seduction

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Cleopatra was one of the most seductive women in the history of the world. This is probably true because no other woman down through time has left us with such convincing proofs of her beauty and charms. The young Queen’s father Pharaoh Ptolemy Auletes took her innocence in an incestuous marriage and then passed her into another incestuous relationship with her younger brother when he died.
The vivacious young lady used her lovely body to turn aside the tide of Rome's destiny, and, therefore, that of the world. Julius Caesar led his famous legions as they trampled and conquered the known world from Canopus to the Thames, before finally succumbing to her feminine charms.
Then Mark Antony threw a fleet, an empire, and his own honor to the winds to follow her to his destruction. The Egyptian temptress was disarmed at last and made to stand before Octavius. There she found her nearly-naked body measured by the cold eye of her captor, not for its abilities to bring sensual pleasure, but only as a captive for his triumphal procession through the streets of Rome.
After testing various poisons on dozens of poor souls, she selects the nearly painless death from an asp bite to spare her the humiliation and indignity of being paraded as a captive through the streets of Rome.

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