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Scandalized by My Prince: Linked Across Time, #8

Length: 165 pages1 hour


Dr. Aubriella Byrne caught a glimpse a man and an overwhelming need to help him overcame her better instincts. Taking a leap of faith she steps through time to find him and ease his suffering. She didn't count on her own feelings or what impact they might have on them both.

Killian Lynwood, Earl of Thornbury finds Aubriella wandering the lands outside his castle. She has an ethereal beauty and frailty that makes him want to protect her. Safeguarding those he loves has been his duty since he was a small boy starting with his mother and Aubriella quickly becomes a female he cares deeply for.

There is danger in going back to the past and Aubriella has many decisions to make. The biggest one: Admit her love or return home with a broken hear

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