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THE FAIRY BRIDE - An American Indian Fairy Tale: Baba Indaba Children's Story - Issue 386

Length: 29 pages11 minutes


ISSN: 2397-9607 Issue 386
In this 386th issue of the Baba Indaba’s Children's Stories series, Baba Indaba narrates the Fairy Tale "THE FAIRY BRIDE”.

There was once a lovely young Mohican-Pequot girl named Neen-i-zu, the only daughter of an Indian chief, who lived on the shore of Lake Superior. She liked best of all to walk by herself in the forest, or to follow a trail that led into the heart of the hills.

The mischievous little fairies, known as Puk-Wudjies, were believed to inhabit the sand dunes where Neen-i-zu so often went to walk. These were the sand-hills made by Grasshopper*, when he danced so madly at Man-a-bo-zho's wedding.

The best stories Neen-i-zu liked were of the little men; for she had often listened to the tales that old Iagoo told. One of these stories was the story of a Happy Land, a far-off place where it was always Summer; where no one wept or suffered sorrow. It was for this land that she longed. She even composed a song which she would sing to the Puk-Wudjies.

One night she lingered a bit longer than she should have and that’s when things began to happen……
What happened next you ask…? Well many things happened, some silly and some serious. To find the answers to these questions, and others you may have, you will have to download and read this story to find out!

Baba Indaba is a fictitious Zulu storyteller who narrates children's stories from around the world. Baba Indaba translates as "Father of Stories".

Each issue also has a "WHERE IN THE WORLD - LOOK IT UP" section, where young readers are challenged to look up a place on a map somewhere in the world. The place, town or city is relevant to the story. HINT - use Google maps.

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33% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities.
* See Baba Indaba Stories Issue 385 GRASSHOPPER


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