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The CHILDREN of ODIN: The Book of Northern Myths

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Padraic Colum (1881 - 1972) was an Irish poet, novelist, dramatist, biographer and collector of folklore and was one of the leading figures of the Celtic Revival. In his retelling of these Norse myths and legends he speaks directly to children. So good and colourful was his retelling of these Norse Myths and Legends, that the storytellers at Marvel were quick to realise their value and create a series of illustrated comics and graphic novels for the younger generations. In more recent, digital times, the creators of many of today’s online Viking games use this volume as a point of reference.

A long, long time ago, before the dawn of time, somewhere to the North, lay the realm of Asgard.  Therein dwelt the Norse gods and goddesses of old who were wise, beautiful and kind. They lived in peace and harmony, untouched by evil and iniquity - until the day the Giants from Jotunheim cast envious eyes upon them and their kingdom....

This volume is an excellent retelling of the Norse sagas about Odin, Freya, Thor, Loki, and other gods and goddesses, whom the Vikings believed lived in Asgard, back in the murky clouds of pre-history. It is quite literally a version of northern mythology retold for children which has enthralled the young, and the young at heart, for countless generations. Enthralling because, while Greek and Roman mythology is interesting, Norse legend seems to have a special place in the Western European psyche, probably because so many Europeans have a Viking ancestor somewhere in their lineage.

These stories are filled with the rich narrative of the storyteller, the flashing of colour, beauty and truth against the foreboding, lurking dark of the underworld. They are brought to life with excellent illustrations by the renowned artist Willy Pogany (1882 – 1955).
This book was especially republished to raise funds for charities. 33% of the net from the sale of this book will be donated to UNICEF the children’s charity.

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