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One Dark Summer Night: A Fairy's Tale, #1

210 pages3 hours


At sunrise and sunset, the sky burns like it's on fire and the old broken bridge over the railroad tracks on the far side of town stretches across the universes.  At the end of the bridge are the fairies…

Della Rae is only in this podunk Midwestern university town for the full-ride biology scholarship she's getting.  In a year or two, she's going to Oxford as an exchange student, she knows it.  Her eventual goal:  to cure cancer. 

Only life doesn't go like that.  The way you planned.

Something's going on in the basement of the science building, something that's tied up every single professor and sends the summer work-study students running.  Rumors are going around that the professors are performing a vivisection.  And nobody wants to see that.

But it's probably not going to be performed on the lab rats.  Because this town has always had something weird going on. 

Something that involves Della Rae's best friend, Merc, and a few other kids in town, all with the same face…

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