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An Introduction to Cajun Spirituality

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Sheer Determination to Survive

     According to Caron (2015), the Acadians are seen as having the “sheer determination to survive as a people.” (5) What is this sheer determination but the very fiber of people’s desire to live in peaceful communion with one another? It all began with King Francis I of France who wanted to establish himself ruler of a new world. He sent out explorers to North America. King Francis even had the desire to “Spread the Catholic Faith,” by his explorer's journeys. His explorers landed along the Eastern coast of Canada and what would later become the New England States. What is most amazing is that the early French settlers became Acadians and transformed themselves into a people that developed a way of life that has lasted over 400 years. In the process, they have landed in every part of the United States, developed their cuisine. Some have become scholars, professionals in business, entertainment, sports and a host of other professions. As a person who inherited much of my Cajun ancestry from my parents and grandparents, this book has helped me to unearth much of my roots. In the process of writing and researching, I've become more grateful for what my ancestors did to put roots down in America, survive many battles, wars, expulsions and settlements to help form the people we have become. I don’t think the Cajuns or Acadians can be identified just in a few words. I’ve come to understand there is more history written about the Acadians than we could put in a small library; however, each one of those histories has something unique to say about the Acadian culture and lifestyle. I hope this book will in some way contribute to what the Acadian people reflect in their lives or at least what I’ve come to understand we reflect in our lives. The “good times roll,” only after many hardships and battles are won.

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