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Into the Mouth of the Kraken

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When Kathleen O'Malley, a professor of history at the University of Victoria, sets off on a jog, she finds herself transported in time to 1576 in the Elizabethan era. Angry shouts of "the traveller" go up as she is spotted. Francis Drake, trapped in the spirit world of the Songhees, has chosen Kathleen, the traveller, to go back in time to retrieve from Queen Elizabeth I his journals of the full accounting of his voyages of discovery. The discovery and claim of Nova Albion must be recorded in history.
Kathleen wants nothing to do with Drake's quest, but does she have a choice in this? Will she get back her sons, whom Drake has also transported in time to Elizabethan England? Will she be able to retrieve the journals from the Elizabethan era? With events unfolding in Canada and England, Into the Mouth of the Kraken is a gripping and richly researched novel that the author spins from the historical seed of truth of Francis Drake's discovery and claim of Nova Albion.

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