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For Every Season (Book 3 of the Home Again Series)

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He paid big bucks to a matchmaker to find him a woman who does not want to get married.

Cold-hearted attorney Alex Wayland admits he's lonely. He has plenty of money and all the material trappings it can buy. What he lacks is a steady social companion and bed partner. It is imperative, however, to find a woman who will not demand an emotional response or, God forbid, a commitment. Alex can't afford emotions or the strings that go with them. He must protect others from the monster who lives inside him. So he turns to an expensive matchmaker to find him the perfect consort.
After a full year, Veronica London is still reeling from the death of her beloved husband, a compassionate cancer doctor. Disillusioned with life, she no longer produces the paintings for which she'd become known. Replacing Teddy is impossible. Falling in love again is inconceivable. But Veronica admits she's lonely. It would be nice to have a steady social companion, someone who won't demand an emotional response.

Their match should have worked impeccably. But neither of them took into account the power of the past to shape the present or the overwhelming force of human need.

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