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Too often, new teachers with ideals and pure intentions are thrown onto the front lines with no clear guidelines about how to survive opening daylet alone the moments, days, and years that follow. In her handbook tailored for novice teachers, seasoned educator MaryMelissa Grafflin shares practical suggestions and tested advice in order to help new teachers not only survive, but also thrive in Americas most challenging school systems. Grafflin has been teaching secondary students for fifty years and uses her vast experience to ask crucial questions of new teachers that will help them navigate more easily through their profession, focus the direction of their careers, and attain consistent success in the classroom. Beginner teachers will learn specifically how to " write a syllabus; " develop a grading policy; " plan a lesson; " organize successful back-to-school and parent conference nights; " incorporate ethics, professionalism, and discipline into every classroom. Teachers, just like their students, are continuous learners and works-in-progress. And Gladly Teach provides the kind of expert guidance that will help new educators achieve success, motivate their students, and wake up every morning knowing they are making a profound difference in the lives of their students.
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ISBN: 9781426936111
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