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The dynamics of the universe are explained in this easy-to-understand book that looks beyond Earth and our solar system to ask and answer lifes essential questions. Key topics include the following: " How Albert Einstein, Albert Michelson, Edward Morley, Nicolaus Copernicus, and other important thinkers contributed to our understanding of the universe " Various conundrums, such as how the principles of refraction explain why the bottom edge of the sun appears to just touch the horizon even though it is actually below the horizon at sunset " How the Hubble telescope has helped us determine the age of the galaxy and answer questions revolving around the Big Bang Theory, as well as how other important telescopes are adding to our knowledge " How orbits function and why Halleys comet continues to loop around the sun like a driver with road rage " How outer space treaties are determining who can use space, and who might end up owning the moon, Mars and other celestial bodies Find the answers to these and other astronomical questions, and improve your understanding of how Earth and humanity fits into the big picture with Astronomy: Selected Topics.
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