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Trouble in Paradise

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Maddy Osbourne's first encounter with Hugo Griffin could not have been more embarrassing. It got worse when he was flying her to her godmother's house on St Vincent and engine trouble forced him to bring his sea-plane down in the lagoon of the uninhabited Paradise Island.< /br>

With no radio they are forced to fend for themselves until someone sends out a search party to rescue them. Meanwhile, Griff isn't a man to do all the work while a woman he'd decided is a pampered and ill-manner rich girl sits back and waits for him to wait on her.< /br>

He had her so wrong! Maddy knew what it was to be poor and she'd worked hard to build up her own business, but she'd never fished for her own supper and the bivouac she'd built for herself collapses in the middle of the night.< /br>

She gradually wins Griff round with her determination not to rely on him for anything but, just as paradise seems within reach, she discovers that he's been lying to her. < /br>

Maddy has been lied to before and once she realises she has a way off the island she makes a bid for freedom.

Will her escape bid end in disaster? Will her heart be broken all over again or can Griff persuade her to return to paradise?< /br>< /br>

This is an updated version of All She Wants for Christmas, originally published in paperback by Mills and Boon.

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