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Bad Boy Nice Guy: A New Adult Romance Novel

Length: 359 pages3 hours


Life doesn't turn out the way Kim expects. Does it for anybody? Do dreams really come true? She was brilliant, gifted, and the top of her class; finished her undergrad degree two years early and earned an MBA...while pregnant from a one night stand. Fast forward a few years...

Kim tries to make ends meet--for her and darling little Joey--by working in a call center, but once she gets caught up in a round of layoffs, desperation sets in, and she's thrown deep into a world that challenges her heart, soul, and desire, defined by the arrival of two amazing men in her world.

First, there's Roman, the bad boy owner of Midnight Fantasy, and Kim's new boss. With silk shirts and four hundred dollar haircuts, he's an oversexed panther stalking his prey. Is it the power of love, or the love of power that makes him so irresistible?

Next, there's Finn, the nice guy. He's the handsome, chivalrous hunk in the cafe who steals Kim's heart over a cup of coffee…and vanishes, only to reappear at the most confusing, complicated, and possibly dangerous time in her life.

In the end, is it love, or lust, that finally tears the love triangle apart?

READER NOTE: **Bad Boy Nice Guy is a standalone novel with an HEA ending and no cliffhangers!**

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