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Whispering Hope

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Michael Walsh is uniquely international. His poetry does not recognise frontiers. This worldwide adored poet has restored rhythm and heartfelt meaning to poetry. He has won a following that previously rejected poetry.
Much poetry, as with many other art forms, degraded by an elite, is vacuous to readers. Michael has recovered poetry from a pretentious cabal. His verse actually rhymes, makes sense, breathes emotion, expresses heartfelt sentiment. Reading the poetry of Michael Walsh is like sipping the best claret; one is left with a satisfying warmth. An expression he hears most is, “you have expressed my deepest feelings perfectly.”
Michael’s verse is a mirror of the human condition in all its strengths, weaknesses, gaiety and poignancy. You will find in his delightful writing style all the heartfelt emotions of true romance. Share his love of the countryside, laugh at his humour, journey to far off lands, and visit many peoples with this much travelled people's poet.

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