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Off With His Talking Head

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Tom Hutchinson is a conservative pundit who is as well known around Washington for his drinking and his lecherous ways as he is for his Sunday talk show, The Quartet. When he dies at a black-tie fundraiser, everyone assumes it's a heart attack. But environmental activist Laura Delaney suspects murder.

Laura and political reporter David Wainwright team up to discover how and why Tom was killed. They solve the mystery with the help of dogged Internet digging as well as shoe leather. They also uncover a political bribery scandal, delve into the world of political talk shows, and find a way out of the political correctness mess for the Washington Redskins. Involving potatoes.

The book is filled with up-to-the-minute examples of news and social media, including tweets, YouTube videos, cable news broadcasts, text messages, and political blog posts from the left and right. With its combination of mystery, humor, romance, and political satire, Off With His Talking Head will appeal to anyone who likes to poke fun at the foibles of lawmakers and the media in our nation's capital. A bonus feature: recipes from meals prepared by the story's characters.

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