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Reparations USA
Reparations USA
Reparations USA
Ebook147 pages2 hours

Reparations USA

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About this ebook

This is the story of everyday people caught in the crossfire between idealism and technology.

America, 2028. The War for Equity has begun! A new bureaucracy called the Historical Reparations Administration oversees enforcement of restitution for colonialism and slavery.

Supercomputers scan old documents while drones monitor both Debtors and Beneficiaries from coast to coast. Reality TV shows and religious cults help the nation atone for its sins.

“Reparations USA” is the frantically inventive future history that creates an entire world, complete with its own slang and a diverse cast of sympathetic characters.

Philip Wyeth’s exuberant debut novel sets the stage for this timely series which is full of heart... humor... and total surveillance!

This is Book One of the "Reparations" series. 36,500 words.

PublisherPhilip Wyeth
Release dateAug 10, 2017
Reparations USA
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Philip Wyeth

Philip Wyeth grew up in Virginia but has lived in Los Angeles for many years. He cites Heinrich von Kleist and Ambrose Bierce as inspirations due to the avant-garde nature of their fiction. He strives to be as prescient in his own work.Also a lifelong fan of heavy metal music and its many sub-genres, Wyeth tries to infuse his novels with comparable levels of intensity, independence, and larger-than-life visions.

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