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Parental Alienation, Attachment and Corrupt Law

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Parental alienation is a severe and growing form of pathological parenting and child psychological abuse that inhibits child development, often resulting in poor mental health profiles in childhood and adult life. It is a widespread and effective psychological and legal strategy for establishing total control and isolation of children. It can happen between any child and parent, at any time, very quickly, and without warning. Parental alienation devastates mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and undermines entire family structures, cutting children off from one side of their biology and heritage, with associated mental health problems – not just for the child, but others in the family.
This is a review of the clinical and forensic evidence on parental alienation and a critical review of the court system that is entrusted and purports to deal with the concept within the framework of family law. It is the first of its kind in monitoring and reporting on dozens of cases.
In some countries, parental alienation is illegal. In others, parental alienation is not only legal, it is widespread, encouraged by legal practice and policies of the state, and the corrupt practice within family courts, including the judiciary.
To explain how and why parental alienation and family courts are so damaging, this book goes into great detail to explain the human, neurobiological attachment system that provides us with the ability to bond and love others, and how that system is disrupted, causing families and children intense psychological harm manifesting as developmental damage and forms of chronic, Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Alienation can be transmitted from parent to child naïvely, actively and obsessively, and in any combination. Being a good parent with healthy, secure attachments to a child is no protection against parental alienation for the child or the parent they are programmed to target.
Expert child protection clinicians and practitioners warn parental alienation is a severe form of child psychological abuse. However, it’s handled not by medical practitioners but within a huge socio-legal and judicial industry where several types of professional are remunerated for their involvement but very few have any effective training in what to do. This book removes the veil of competence and caring presumed to exist within the knowledge, training, practice, engagement and services provided by professionals in secret family courts.
This book uses clinical literature to explore parental alienation in great detail, from the perspective of all players: the ‘alienated child,’ the ‘alienator’ and the ‘targeted parent.’ The literature of pioneering practitioners explains why alienators do this damage to their own children, how quickly it can happen, why children have little choice but to collaborate in their own psychological destruction.
Alongside the clinical picture is a forensic examination of the private law family court system, with emphasis on how it ‘deals’ with parental alienation. The flaws in statute and policy that facilitate and make parental alienation an inevitability to be inflicted on children are evaluated. The lessons learned by previous forensic researchers are applied to the family court system to show how lethal and ruinous the stress of interaction with it really is - on parents and children.
This book will help fill an educational gap, so often leading to the delay in responses that alienators rely on before the speed and relentlessness of their campaigns tear families apart. Alienation strategies are revealed, alongside techniques of insulating children against their effects.
If you value a healthy, intergenerational family life, or the prospect of it, use the guidance in this book to watch out for yourself, your own children, and extended family. The vast majority of families struck by parental alienation had no idea it existed or what could happen, until it happened to them.

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