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900 Prayers That Will Draw Your Husband Closer To God. 30 Daily Devotions That Will Change His Life Forever

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Are you a woman?
And you are unhappy in your marriage
And you are frustrated by your husband behavior
And you feel you just want to be alone in your marriage
And there are things you don’t understand about your man that drives a wedge between the two of you?
And you always snore when you sleep and your husband is complaining making him uncomfortable?
And your husband always criticize you?
And your husband always control you irrationally
And your husband always treat you as an object
And your husband is always too busy to call you, text you or recognize you when you walk in the room.
And your husband uses bad language on you
And your husband always view pornography.
And you husband is not closer to God
And your husband is not reading the Bible and praying everyday
And your husband doesn’t help out around the house.
And your husband Loses his temper often
And your husband Lies and cheats.
Then this book is for you. You will learn strategies to make your husband happy and respect you. There are over 900 prayer points that will enable your husband move closer to God to be prayed in 30 days.
A man wants to be treated like a king, respected as a man, admired like a hero, and inspired to be all he can be. And when that happens, his wife reaps the benefits!
Therefore, the starting point for real change in your marriage - real change in your husband - is you. “You can’t make your husband serve you or care for you – but you can focus on helping him, and more times than not, that action alone will prompt him to serve and to care. Even if it doesn’t, it will...unleash a great spiritual adventure in your own life

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