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Dark Poetry, Volume 3: Views From A Gothic Window: Dark Poetry, #3

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Looking out upon an external world, which seemingly appears transformed by the light from a gothic window, is ... where J J Ginty likes to sit and consider his poetic observations - exploring the deeper psyche within his gothic outlook. Viewing motifs from the extraordinary and other-worldly, to espying themes from the more ordinary and down-to-earth. 

These reflections are introspective; largely inspired by the author's own personal encounters, exploits and inscapes; thus creating this poetry piece; found to be encrypted with interpretations and comprehensions from within - designed by life's worldliness from without.

Views From A Gothic Window is a selection of poetry and prose, which is intriguingly dark in nature; though, it does occasionally permit a little comedy and sentiment to tiptoe it's way into the foreboding and peculiar imagery ... of the natural & supernatural; the normal & paranormal.

This book is the second in a series dedicated to viewing the external world (and it's seductive, unworldly inner-natures) from a beautifully gothic perspective.

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