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As Glaciers Move: Selected Poems and Prose Presenting a Progression of Perceptions

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As Glaciers Move, through poetry and prose, explores how a person's life experiences and observations may affect his or her perceptions of the world. This exploration (with one of the first poems written by the author) begins in 1975 and proceeds through five decades, including topics such as birth, childhood, personal growth, war, nature, depression, religion, marriage, anger and pain. How the author perceives the world at each stage in his life is not only expressed in the poems and prose but also by the subtle or not so subtle change in topics (experiences and observations).
The author presents this book in its entirety as a metaphor: as glaciers shape majestic mountain peaks and wondrous valleys, forces—influential persons, significant junctures and life-altering events—that we encounter in our lives shape the way we act and think, affecting the way we “see” people, events and society.

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