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HSA-293: The Door

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The HSA program is tasked with identifying and isolating events and artifacts associated with the Human Sexual Anomalies. First chartered as a classified organization in 1953, the HSA program has worked diligently for many years to preserve the sanctity of human life.

HSA-293: The Door

Tessa has been booked to stay the summer in a fraternity house while she participates in a theater camp. During the tour of her meager accommodations, she notices a strange door across the hall from her room. Matt, the frat guy left behind to supervise the house for the summer, tells her not to worry about it, but she would swear to hear whispers, whispers about the naughty desires she dreams about. Other girls arrive and the whispers get louder until finally they feel they must open the door. What they let out immediately changes their summer, and lives, forever.

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