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The Veil

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She's never been really crazy about him, however his persistence is what that has won her over. Will she change her mind when a hit and run incident left him in a coma?

Lisa is a visionary. Despite her family pasts that are riddled with misfortunes, she has never let adversities dictate her outlook in life. She is an accomplished fund raiser and she works hard to be a professional architect, hoping that one day the foundation which she has founded will build and run resorts that cater to families with disabled members.

Matthew sees the fire in Lisa's eyes, and he is head over heel with Lisa and her cause, pledging an undisclosed sum of his wealth to Lisa's foundation. 

When a hit and run accident left Matthew in a coma, Lisa finds out that he has left her with his entire estates, a substantial fortune for the foundation.  However, Matthew's mother, Maura, files for an injunction to prevent Lisa from seeing her son, who has yet to come out of his coma, citing Lisa as a danger to her son because of her vested interest in his fortune.  

Lisa decides to sign a statutory declaration to rescind all her rights to the fortune that Matthew will leave her. Will that be enough to convince Maura of Lisa's true love for her son?

The Veil is a sweet romance novel that features contemporary romantic tale, compelling characters and  confounding plot twists.

If you like raw emotions, engaging romance, and intriguing tale of triumph of the human spirit,  you'll love Lucas Michael's page turning novel.

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