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The Event

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400 years in the future mankind has gone to the stars. New colonies, new worlds, new lands to conquer and develop. Year after year, tens of thousands of men and women launch out into the deep to begin new lives and spread humanity throughout the universe.

There’s just one problem. A living super computer believes it cannot let humanity spread its diseased and destructive seed across the galaxy. It hatches a plan to destroy humanity before it irreparably damages the universe. 

Follow Charles Tindale, the Project Manager on the T.S.S. Horizon, Earth’s newest colony ship. Construction delays, 120 hour weeks, and the stresses of finishing on schedule and under budget has left Charles feeling empty and discontent. He misses his family and they want nothing more than time with him.

Will he leave his job and get the time with his family he so desperately desires? Or, is mankind’s end closer than anyone realizes?

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